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Jimmy Mac

Hi, I’m Dean and I’m excited to announce a new format for Arrowhead Recording!  From here on out, I’ve hired the mega-talented Jimmy Mac from Santa Barbara, California for the musical production and we also will be releasing two different keys for each singing call.  You now will have a choice to purchase a song in either a male or a female key!!  

I will continue to produce classic rock n’ roll and current pop tunes that have topped the billboard charts with the ultimate goal of having callers/dancers wanting more!

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Lincoln at the National Square Dance Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After hearing her call, I knew I had to invite her to showcase her vocal talents on my label.  I’m proud to say she agreed…I think you’ll agree that she sounds amazing!

Dean Singleton

Dean Singleton

Dean started this crazy ride back in the summer of '79 when his parents gave him a “crash course” in square dancing four days prior to the Milwaukee National Square Dance Convention. After dancing the whole weekend with other teenagers and a couple of unexpected Yellow Rocks, Dean was hooked.

After starting to learn to call in the winter of '79, Dean started a youth club in Rochester, Minnesota and was the club caller for the Wykoff Squares.

Graduated from Minnesota State University in Public Relations, Dean relocated to Arizona and started pursuing a career with the airlines. Hired in 1990, he flew as a flight attendant for 19 years with USAirways before resigning so he might spend more time with his children. Based in Maryland, he started as the club caller for the Frederick County Promenaders and also taught lessons for the Belair Square Cats.

In early 2012, Dean met the love of his life, Nina Grigsby. Having a background in ballroom dancing, she fit in to square dancing very smoothly. In fact, Dean gave her the same “crash course” in square dancing and got her through the Plus Program in only three sessions with fellow square dance friends helping out.

In 2016 having recorded his first song on the Gold Rush Label “Sweet Child 'O Mine”, Dean realized his desire to put his own stamp on this activity and produce modern music to either rock n' roll or current pop and country number. His goal has been to stay true to the original version of the song and continue the trend of introducing more of the current music into the activity to get younger people interested.

He currently is the banking industry and relocating back home to Arizona with Nina, her two sons and her Dad to be with his own Dad, Mom and sister Lisa.

Dean would like to recognize the following influences to Arrowhead Recordings: Scott Bennett, Shauna Kaaria, Paul Cote, Joe Saltel, Adam Donaldson, Jimmy Mac, Jerry Story, The Chaparral Boys, Bob Elling, Lawrence Johnstone, Tony Oxendine, Tommy Miller, Wade Driver, my sister, my parents and Nina for all the support...Thanks so much!

Lisa Lincoln

Lisa Lincoln

Lisa comes from a voice and musical theater background. She fell in love with musical theater at the age of 15 and started taking voice and acting lessons in the Los Angeles area. She went on to perform in over 40 musicals as well as further her studies in voice and theater. She has a degree from University of California, San Diego. She has also gone on to study various vocal teaching techniques to get the best vocal results from her students.

After working in radio for many years, she eventually started her own children and teen musical theater company putting on large scale musicals with professional orchestras in Santa Fe, NM called Eldorado Children’s Theatre and Teen Players. Lisa directed and musical directed all of the musicals as well as taught the students healthy singing, vocal and acting techniques.

She is currently on the faculty at Desert Academy in Santa Fe teaching music, voice, choir, acting and public speaking classes. She also founded and coaches their national award winning speech and debate team. She has trained and inspired multiple students to go on to win high level vocal awards and further their studies in voice and theater.

Lisa is also a private voice coach for all ages, singer and square dance caller in New Mexico.

Lisa is the square dance caller for two active clubs in New Mexico- Depot Dancers (Santa Fe, NM), and Hot Chile Steppers (Albuquerque). She calls and teaches Mainstream and Plus. She is a member of Callerlab, New Mexico Square and Round Dance Association and the Central District of New Mexico.

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