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Jimmy Mac
Jim MacDonald
"Jimmy Mac"

Welcome, I'm Dean Singleton and proud to be partnered with the multi-talented Jim MacDonald from Santa Barbara, CA for all the musical productions. And it doesn't take long before you realize that this man can play almost any song and most instruments as well! Most of the music I produce is tunes that have topped Billboard charts from country to pop to rock n' roll music.

Dean Singleton

I started calling 40 years ago...Originally, I started a teen club in Rochester, MN and was the club caller for the Wykoff Squares. Later I called for the Frederick County Promenaders in Mount Pleasant, MD and taught lessons for the Belair Square Cats in Bowie, MD. Now I'm home again in Arizona and I love it out west!! Currently, I'm the club caller for the Western Whirlers and Saddlebrooke Squares, both in Tucson, AZ.

I've had a lot of help and advice from people that I would like to recognize in making square dance music: Scott Bennett, Joe Saltel, Rick Hampton, Tommy Miller, Shauna Kaaria, Jay Henderson, Lawrence Johnstone, Tony Oxendine, Wade Driver, Geoffery Ward, my parents Don & Pat and my lovely partner Nina.

Thanks for your support!


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  1. ARROW 900 - Snap Dragon (Patter)
  2. ARROW 1129 - Kodachrome (Male Key)
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  10. ARROW 906 - Dream Catcher (Patter)
  1. ARROW 1137 - Lodi
  2. ARROW 906 - Dream Catcher (Patter)
  3. ARROW 1132 - Mr. Bojangles (Higher key)
  4. ARROW 1136 - I Like Dreamin'
  5. ARROW 1135 - Good Day Sunshine
  6. ARROW 1138 - Beer In Mexico
  7. ARROW 905 - Powwow (Patter)
  8. ARROW 903 - Shaken Not Stirred (Patter)
  9. ARROW 1129 - Kodachrome (Male Key)
  10. ARROW 900 - Snap Dragon (Patter)
  1. ARROW 906 - Dream Catcher (Patter)
  2. ARROW 1138 - Beer In Mexico
  3. ARROW 1137 - Lodi
  4. ARROW 907 - Broken Arrow (Patter)
  5. ARROW 2132 - Mr. Bojangles (Lower key)
  6. ARROW 903 - Shaken Not Stirred (Patter)
  7. ARROW 1129 - Kodachrome (Male Key)
  8. ARROW 1131 - Don't Worry Baby (Male Key)
  9. ARROW 1135 - Good Day Sunshine
  10. ARROW 2134 - Love Is A Rose (Female Key)
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