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Hi, my name is Dean…I’ve been thrilled to call for over 35 years…Yet, I have not had the pleasure of making my own music for the activity that I love the most! I’m offering music that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life…Hopefully, you’ll agree and try out these great songs!! The aim of Arrowhead Recording will be to target both current pop tunes and classic rock n’ roll as well! Most importantly, I will make sure that these will be songs that you’ll sound great with! I’m blessed to be working music with Geoff Ward down in South Africa and using Prescott Studios in Columbia, MD to record them.

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Arrowhead Recording
c/o Dean Singleton
6511 Irwin Way
Elkridge, MD 21075

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Top Downloads
(as of 2017-01-19)

Since Feb, 2016This yearThis Month
  1. ARROW 101 - Hooked On A Feeling
  2. ARROW 900 - Snap Dragon
  3. ARROW 108 - Photograph
  4. ARROW 105 - Don't Bring Me Down
  5. ARROW 106 - If You Could Read My Mind
  6. ARROW 107 - Momma Told Me (Not To Come)
  7. ARROW 901 - Native Spirit
  8. ARROW 103 - What Makes You Beautiful
  9. ARROW 119 - Learning To Fly
  10. ARROW 114 - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
  1. ARROW 122 - Stuck In The Middle With You
  2. ARROW 107 - Momma Told Me (Not To Come)
  1. ARROW 122 - Stuck In The Middle With You
  2. ARROW 107 - Momma Told Me (Not To Come)
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